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  • 28.03.2010

    Tickets for Kosmogonías Presentations are already on sale

    Berrogüetto still offers Galician music with an impact far beyond the frontiers of Galici a. Beyond music, they believe in cultural diversity as a source of wealth. Today, their music has the same flavour it has always had, offering multiplicity and homogeneity at the same time, one of the most difficult things to attain for a band. Today their music has room on any stage in the world.... Más»
  • 27.03.2010

    Berrogüetto in Argentine TV program Mp3, Music For the Third Millennium.

    On Sunday March 28 Berrogüetto appeared in a report made by the Argentinian program Mp3, Música Para el Tercer Milenio. The program was broadcasted live by Canal7 , the Argentinian public TV and it still can be watched in the blog of the program. This prestigious program is broadcasted since 2007 in Canal7 at Argentina and for the last two seasons in channels of... Más»
  • 27.03.2010

    Download Kosmogonías's new single

    Berrogüetto gives you a taste of their new album Kosmogonías, available on 6th April in all stores . You can now freely download the single Danza de Meirol , on Berrogüetto's website: You only have to click on the banner on the homepage and complete the download. Danza de Meirol, first single from Kosmogonías Danza de Meirol is a... Más»