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  • 19.04.2010

    “Catálogo de galaxias sociais” at the Luis Seoane Foundation

    Catálogo de galaxias sociais: O grito do Universo (Social Galaxies Catalog: The Shout of the Universe), will be screened in April at the Luís Seoane Foundation in A Coruña. The video creation by Olaia Sendón to Kosmogonías will be show at the usual time from 11 to 14 and 17 to 20 hours. Kosmogonías includes a novelty in... Más»
  • 18.04.2010

    Kosmogonías, entered the AFYVE List of Best selling Albums.

    Kosmogonías, on sale since last April 6th, has entered the Spanish AFYVE list of 100 Best selling Albums in its first week. The official lists of sales are published weekly by Promusicae (before AFYVE), the Association of Music Producers of Spain. Various lists show sales of phonograms and video recordings in Spain. Among the formats the lists describe there are albums, compilations,... Más»
  • 18.04.2010

    Kosmogonías Concert in A Coruña will be broadcasted on Radio3

    Next April 18th, Berrogüetto will present the new album Kosmogonías at the Rosalía de Castro Theater in A Coruña at 20h. The concert will be broadcasted live on Radio 3, a Spanish radio station belonging to public radio station Radio Nacional de España. Radio 3 is devoted to alternative genders and culture. The artist, musician and communicator Juan... Más»